Khomi Decorative Basket

Ginger Sparrow




The Khomi basket comes straight from the lush green tribal villages of rural India. A classic colorway livened up with a bold chevron weave, its airs a chic-casual vibe. 

We’re loving the idea of styling these on the closet door or in laundry room. Handwoven using lightweight yet sturdy bamboo, it makes storage both practical and beautiful. Use them beside a window seat for a book or two, it instantly brings a bit of global texture and warmth to any corner.

Full Disclosure: Guilty of never being able to keep up with all our mail clutter, we’ve found it to be the perfect hiding spot that makes all our clutter stress drift away.

Pairs like a dreamy with the Dimasa Basket and Meluri Basketavailable as a nesting set of 3 - The Agami Basket - Set of 3.

Each basket is handmade from locally sourced bamboo, cut into thin strips then painstakingly colored by boiling in vegetable dyes before it is molded into shape. Crafted by expert weavers, each basket takes 3 days to weave, made from start-to-finish in a fair-trade environment.

  • SIZE: 13”L x 9”W x 10.5”H
  • MATERIALS: Hand-braided bamboo grass 
  • COLORS: Ivory and Black
  • ORIGIN: India
  • SHIPPING/ RETURNS: Free 30-day U.S shipping and returns

*These baskets are made from all-natural bamboo grass dried in the sun, no two pieces would be identical or have the exact same color.

Your basket is sturdy, and strong, perfect for regular indoor or covered outdoor use. With a little love these will live a long life. Dust occasionally or wipe with a dry cloth if needed. No other cleaning should be necessary.

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