Tokri Basket



Inspired by the traditional Indian “Tokri” used to carry fresh flowers to market. We love the Tokri for its open, shallow profile. A pretty stash for towels or table linen, a catch-all for kitchen-counter clutter, or a stylish shelf accent, it’s both useful and beautiful. We love filling it up with lots of fresh, fragrant flowers for that lush, tropical island vibe.

Woven from natural banana fiber recovered from dried leaves, the Tokri basket comes straight from the lush green banana plantations in India. Once treated as waste, these leaves are now finding new life in modern homes. Crafted by a collective of 150 women weavers, each basket takes 2 days to make. Made entirely in a fair-trade environment.

  • SIZE: 14”L x 6”W x 6”H
  • MATERIALS: Hand-braided natural banana fiber
  • COLORS: Natural golden brown
  • ORIGIN: India 
  • SHIPPING/ RETURNS: Free 30-day U.S shipping and returns

*These baskets are made from all-natural banana fiber dried in the sun, no two pieces would be identical or have the exact same color.

Your basket is sturdy and strong, perfect for regular indoor and outdoor use. With a little love these will live a long life. Dust occasionally or wipe with a dry cloth if needed. No other cleaning should be necessary.

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