Nagari Market Basket



We’re in love with the light and airy, beach vibe of this natural water grass basket. In a buttery golden hue and a striking silhouette finished off with rustic cane handles, these little guys make such handsome shelf accents. So lightweight and stylish, when not on a shelf, find us flaunting them as accessory baskets on Sunday market adventures.

Full Disclosure: Guilty of never being able to keep up with all our daily mail clutter, we’ve found it to be the perfect hiding spot making all our clutter worries drift away.

Crafted by a collective of 150 women weavers each basket takes 3 days to complete, made from start-to-finish in a fair-trade environment.

*Water hyacinth is a beautiful river grass, but its rapid, dense growth is choking the river ways, displacing indigenous flora and fauna. By using it to make baskets, the weaving community helps protect the river, while generating a source of income.

  • SIZE: 14”L x 4”W x 12”H
  • MATERIALS: Hand-braided natural water grass 
  • COLORS: Light natural
  • ORIGIN: India
  • SHIPPING/ RETURNS: Free 30-day U.S shipping and returns

*These baskets are made from all-natural water grass dried in the sun, no two pieces would be identical or have the exact same color.

Your basket is sturdy, and strong, perfect for regular indoor or covered outdoor use. With a little love these will live a long life. Dust occasionally or wipe with a dry cloth if needed. No other cleaning should be necessary.

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